Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hoods To Woods Mini Ramp Project

On a sunny Saturday morning of May 7th, we all got together at 11th/A to help the dynamic duo Trevor Andrew and Santo Gold build a mini ramp for Hoods To Woods. The HTW Foundation is an organization that promotes awareness of the outdoors to inner city children ages 13-19 through year round activities. Many of our friends showed up to pitch in. Daniel Pensyl came with the ramp plans and New York’s own Loki represented his bang-work. Click on pic to view album. Thanks to Trevor, Santi, Peter Bici, Paula, Deka, Billy Rohan, Matt, Lil Liam (me Bud) and the HTW crew for making this a memorable project that will surely be utilized and keep kids from veering to the darkside. All for One. UXA.